Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake
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From: Brenda 12-8-2008

I used to make DQ cakes and you guys are way off track! First, there is no oreo cookies in the recipe, the frosting is not butter cream or ready whip.

The cakes are made using frozen cake pan rings,,,you can use a spring pan ring or use a regular cake pan I guess like was explained in the original post.

The frozen ring is then placed on a cardboard circle (you can get those at Wal-Mart) You can then place a one inch layer around the SIDE of the cake ring or pan…do not put vanilla ice cream on the bottom center though!!!!! Then put a layer of chocolate ice cream in the bottom center of your pan..about once inch deep. Then you put a nice thick layer of chocolate fudge topping over the chocolate ice cream. Put this in the freezer to set up if it’s starting to melt.

Next is the secret chocolate crunch center. At DQ, it’s just called chocolate crunch. It’s similar to crushed up ice cream sandwich cookies. You’ll have to use your imagination here but you’ll need to find some kind of chocolate crunch type stuff or a thin chocoate cookie. I guess you could use the Oreo’s but that will make the flavor different.

The other secret is that this chocolate crunch is mixed with dipping chocolate prior to being put into the cake. You’ll need to buy chocolate dip sauce at WalMart. You’ll see it packaged as some king of hard coating for your ice cream cones. Anyway, you mix the chocolate crunch with this chocolate dipping/coating until it’s lightly coated. This mixture is then placed upon the the fudge in the center of the cake. The cake is then filled in with vannila ice cream.

The frosting they used is a whipped frosting…it’s NOT cool whip or ready mix. It’s actually available as a whipped cream frosting in the milk section. You have to really look for it though. You could use the old fashion whipping cream…but this will not hold up as well. DQ frosting is NOT made with butter cream. Make the cake how you want but I was just sharing how they are really made.