2 Eggs separated
4 Tablespoon Sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 Cups Flour (all purpose unbleached)
1/2 Cup Canola Oil
1 Cup Milk (Vitamin D Whole Milk)
2 TB Baking Powder (non-Aluminum – Rumford)

Whip 2 egg whites to hard peaks and add 4 then mix in TB sugar and vanilla.

Fold in remaining ingredients: Flour, Oil, Milk and Baking Powder but do not overmix or tough waffles result.

For my Belgium style or 50’s old vintage waffle irons, I preheat and add 1/4 mixture and cook for 3 minutes.  But your times may vary.

I have experimented with the recipe over the years and this is what recipe my family enjoys.  However, for a more lacey texture add up to 1 cup oil or even better butter.  More sugar results in a darker more caramelized color and flavor.  So experiment to fit your families taste.  Add cooked bacon for fun at Halloween and have the “legs” sticking our from the sides!

Syrup recipe – for more fun

Morena pure cane sugar

add 1 cup unrefined unbleached raw sugar into 2 cup Pyrex mixing cup, slowly add water until it reads 1 1/8 cup or reaches that line on the glass measuring cup.  Heat in microwave until you reach desired thickness about 3-5 minutes.  More water the longer you will need to cook out the water.  I place a lid or glass on the top to make sure no seed sugar crystals remain on the sides of the Pyrex measuring cup and can last in the refrigerator until needed again.