Sunbeam® 2 Slice Panini Maker – CKSBPM5020

First I should mention that I have three, outdoor stainless steel grill, two bbq smokers, using either wood, gas and/or charcoal.  I have been a bbq chef for years creating amazing vegetables and meat such as bbq beef, chicken, pork, and turkey, even pizza.  But due to the ongoing debate on carcinogens and grilling/bbq, I started to look for other options after kidney, bone, throat, colon and other cancers has effected our family and friends.  This is the amazing grill we are now using and my quick review.

 Sunbeam Panini Maker (Target)

Sunbeam Panini Maker (Amazon)

First this is a inexpensive grill (~$25) that functions like the expensive ones.  It heats very quickly and cooks food with wonderful grill marks in minutes, but more on that later.  Wonderful to use to cook hamburger, steaks, fish, pork chops, bacon, grilled cheese (paninis), and to warm or toast crusty bread with dinner.  So good in fact I did not use my outdoor grills all summer.  I buy some expensive bread at Jungle Jims from Blue Oven Bakery throw it in the freezer so it will last and bring it out and warm on the grill with amazing results. So the grill is a great grill replacement and oh yeah it is a good panini press as well.  LOL

Second this grill should not be unattended, just turn it on, wait for a few seconds then throw on the food.  Initially, I use an infrared thermometer to make sure it is not too hot or not to cold … just right.  During our initial trials I preheated too long once created a small spot on the grill, still functioning but nonstick was discolored.  Only clean with a cloth, don’t use any harsh brushes as this can damage the non stick surface.

Finally the only improvement would be that the grooves to be just a little deeper, since the juice can dam up and steam the meat not grill the meat.  But if you make sure the juice is running through the slits and into the front gutter and out the side then all is ok.  I add elevation to the back leg opposite the gutter outlet with a hotpad to make sure all is working fine.