I like pizza, 0k I lied, I love Pizza.  Thick, thin, gourmet or grilled.



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American Pizza Pie

Hall Family Recipe

1 quart water @ 100 degrees

up to neck on old quart jar

2 T yeast

4 T Sugar

combine and rest for 15 minutes

Add water mixture to Kitchen Aid mixer with dough hook

Add king Arthur’s bread flour till dough cleans sides of bowl then and 1 t salt and knead for 15 minutes

Rise for 1 hour or until doubled

Make 6 12 inch pizzas

Note for softer crust use oil lined bowl for rise since adding oil to dough will soften the final crust.

NYC Pizza Pie

Vasanos Pizza Recipe

Using some of the above techniques

Add wood and light your Italian stone pizza oven if not …

Place pizza stone in oven at highest temp on lowest rack
Place additional second rack in the highest position

Place the following into Kitchen Aid Mixer with bread hook

2 cups filtered water room temp
2 T SAF instant yeast
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 cup honey or about 4 T sugar (we like a sweeter crust)
1 t salt
4 cups Primo Gusto Pizza Flour (GFS) (more high gluten flour later)

Mix till combined and the next step is hard to do but necessary
Let dough rest in mixer for 20 minutes (Autolyse)
Knead for 5 minutes using 1/3 power (Wet Kneading)

Add additional high gluten flour slowly until dough pulls from bowl
Note however dough will be sticky place on floured board

Rest for initial rise till doubles in size
Punch down and divide into quarters
Shape each quarter into dough ball and wait till doubles
Hand shape into pizza
Place on wooden peal sprinkled with semolina four

Cover with toppings (more on this later)

Hopefully you have wood fired Italian stone pizza oven if not …

Bake on pizza stone in 550 degree oven until crust is brown
Place on top race of oven and brown toppings to GBD

Dough Calculator


Mellow Mushroom Copy Cat




Mellow Mushroom

Dewey’s Pizza


Lou Malnati’s 

Gino’s East Pizza

Pizzeria Uno (original location)



Wicks Pizza Parlor



Chains (Ok not great but that do in a pinch or if you are lazy)

Larosas – Sweeter dough and sauce

Papajohns – but locations vary – (trick) order the XL !

Pizza King Station – mainly here for the trains
The original pizza king
Another one of the Indiana Pizza Kings
One of the Indiana Pizza Kings
Dayton Pizza King